Health Spa

the Health SPA
The ARC Health Spa surrounded by tropical plants.
Enjoy the best relaxation of the tropical island with Jacuzzi, aromatherapy and other various massages.
Hours Jacuzzi 10:00am – 12:00mn Open daily
Massage 10:00am – 12:00mn Open daily
Reservations : Extension 706 (Health Spa English only)
Extension 770 or 715 (GRO)
*Advance reservation is accepted at ARC Saipan.

Aromatherapy is an ancient art of healing with the use of aromatic essential oils extracted from therapeutic plants, herbs, flower, seeds and roots. It is a combination of healing and pleasure of therapy through pleasant oil aromas.  Aromatherapy massage starts with a consultation with your Masseuse to blend the most appropriate oils for you. Enjoy a luxurious relaxing time enveloped in soothing music. Aroma Terapi

Our facial treatment eliminates dirt and dead skin cells.  We provide deeper level of relaxation by massaging with our special essential oils, to remove skin stress and relax your nerves with rosewater. Your skin will be replenished and silky smooth after the massage. Also, your skin will be healthier with repeated aroma treatments. Facial Care
Relieve deep fatigue and relax with stimulation of the pressure points in the hands and feet, which connect directly to the internal organs, finally a head massage will follow to complete the massage. Relaxation Massage
The foot soak treatment softens the skin layer, provides relaxation, and sanitizes, while the scrubbing cream removes callous and hard skin. The new skin is massaged with special essential oils and relaxed with paraffin wax.  Finished with a foot lotion to transform aged feet into a youthful look. Foot Care

A massage therapy that is famous in Europe by increasing circulation of the lymphatic system through an oil massage.  It is effective on bodies tired from sports activities. Swedish Massage
After your massage, relax in our relaxation room while enjoying soothing music and tea or other beverage. Relaxation Room

Enjoy the hot or normal cool water Jacuzzis.
(Swimwear required)

● Rosa Course 150 minutes $150.00
(Body massage & facial
or foot care)
● Reflexology 60 minutes $80.00
● Deluxe Aromatherapy 90 minutes $120.00 ● Swedish Massage 60 minutes $80.00
● Aromatherapy 60 minutes $100.00 ● Shiatsu Massage 60 minutes $70.00
● Facial Care 60 minutes $75.00
(including paraffin wax)
● Quick Massage 20 minutes $25.00
● Foot Care 60 minutes $70.00
(including paraffin wax)
● Jacuzzi  

             ** Above rates are subject to 10% service charge

Depending on booking conditions, the time you prefer may not be available.
Foot care treatment appointment has to be reserved at least 1 hour in advance before the service.


A 100% charge will be incurred for cancellations on the day of the reservation.

Accepted payments

We accept US dollars, traveler's checks, Japanese yen, and major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, JCB).


•  Guests are invited to use the Jacuzzi free of charge on the day of treatment.
•  Discount coupons can not be used for Rosa Course, deluxe Aromatherapy and Quick Course.
•  Do not drink alcohol 2 hours before and after the treatment. Please avoid over-eating and over-drinking within 1 hour before the treatment.
•  Deposit your valuables in your room's safety box. We do not secure valuables in the spa.
•  Aromatherapy is not recommended if you are pregnant.

Fitness Center & Sauna

ARC Fitness Center is furnished with complete state-of-the-art and latest exercise machines and equipment. Hot and normal cool tub are also available.
Hours 9:00am – 8:30pm daily
* Opening hours may be subject to change.
Price $20 per day (including the ARC Health Spa Jacuzzi)
Equipment and Facilities Fitness Machines
Multi-equipment machine, Treadmills, Bicycle machines, complete free weight s system.
Steam sauna, dry sauna, cold tub, shower room, and lockers.
Notice Please bring appropriate shoe wear if you plan to use the fitness equipment.  Shoe rental service is not available.  Please deposit your valuables in your room's safety box.
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