Heatlh Spa

Health Spa

Revitalize yourself with a massage from a wide selection of programs such as Aroma Therapy, Swedish, and Shiatsu Massages. Hot and cold jacuzzis are also available for free use at your leisure.

  • Location : Beside building cluster 2
  • Opening Hours :  Temporary Closed 
  • Menu :
    Rosa course Body Massage (60 min) + Choice of 1 Facial or Foot Massage (60 min) + Jacuzzi Access (30 min) $150
    Treat yourself to a complete 150 minute course specifically tailored to loosen your body and revitalize your energy levels.
    Body Massage * Deluxe Aromatherapy (90 min) $120 / Aromatherapy (60 min) $100
    Aromatherapy is the ancient art of healing through the use of natural aromatic essential oils from botanical extract–promoting blood circulation, boosting energy levels and improving overall well-being. Aromatherapy starts with a therapist consultation to ensure the most beneficial blend of essential oils just for you.
    * Reflexology Massage (60 min) $70
    Relieve fatigue, loosen deep muscle tissue, and relax your whole body through stimulation of reflex points (focused mainly in the hands and feet) directly linked to organs throughout the body. A head massage completes the session, bringing your body and mind to a state of total relaxation.
    * Swedish Massage (60 min) $80
    Famed across Europe, Swedish massage is known for its potency in improving blood circulation in the body’s lymphatic system through the application of natural massage oils–effectively relaxing the entire body while redistributing moisture in the skin.
    * Shiatsu Massage (60 min) $70
    Support and strengthen your body’s natural ability to heal and balance itself, and help stimulate blood circulation in the capillaries of the skin’s soft tissues through massage treatment focused across pressure points on the surface of the body.
    * Quick Massage (20 min) $25
    Maximize rejuvenation of the entire body within a short period through upper body massage techniques selected for peak effectiveness.
    Facial * Aromatherapy Facial (60 min) $75
    Leave your skin healthy, replenished and silky with a deeper level of treatment concentrated on eliminating facial dirt and dead skin cells, followed by a head and shoulder massage to loosen up the surrounding areas.
    * UV damage management (60 min) $75
    Reduce UV damage and restore some elasticity to tired skin.
    * Sport Facial (60 min) $75
    Our recommended massage for more rugged, masculine skin types.
    Scrubs & Body Treatments * Body Scrub (90 min) $120
    * Body Treatment (120 min) $180
    Foot * Foot care (60 min) $70
    Our foot soak treatment softens and relaxes the skin, followed by scrubbing and filing to remove calluses and hard skin. The new skin is then massaged with specially blended essential oils, and relaxed further with a treatment of paraffin wax. We use foot moisturizer to complete the treatment, having restored tired feet to its former youth.
    * Foot massage (30 min) $35
    * Aromatherapy Hand massage (30 min) $35
  • Notes :
    • All rates will be subjected to a 10% service charge.
    • Please keep valuables, jewelry, and other small items in the room safe.
    • Treatment is not recommended for pregnant women.
    • Spa treatment is available for guests 15 years and above.
    • There is 100% fee for same day cancellations.
    • Please bring room towels and wear a bathing suit if you intend to use the jacuzzi.