Vino Spanish Bar

Vino Spanish Bar

Pair your choice of a variety of authentic Spanish wines and cocktails with a selection of savory Tapas. Sit back and relax with soft music and ambience outfitted for intimate class.

  • Location : Hotel lobby
  • Seating Capacity : 40 persons
  • Opening Hours :  5:00pm to 10:00pm
  • Menu and Prices :

Coca de la Huerta $6

Summer Vegetables on Flat Bread

LenguaExtopado Con Chorizo $10

Ox tongue and Sausage Stew

GambasAlaJillo $10

Spanish Garlic Shrimp

Huervos Rancheros $7

Tortilla topped with Fried Egg and Salsa

Farcellets do Sol $9

Minced Pork rolled in Cabbage

AlmijasMarinerasL’Avi Pau $9

Spanish Garlic Clams

Caldereta de Langosta $12

Majorcan Lobster Stew

Vegetales y BagnaCauda $9

Vegetable Sticks served with Anchovi Sauce

Paella AlaValenciana $12

Spanish Seafood Risotto

Relleno Pimiento de Padron

Fried Peppers stuffed with Minced meat


Fried Squid

Gazpacho Soup

Cold Vegetable Soup


  • All rates are subject to 10% service charge
  • Menu selection may vary based on supply availability
  • Pricing subject to change based on local circumstances